The city of Panipat, as a well-known place where all the three battles of Panipat had been fought, has mostly historical attractions to visit, but they are definitely worth your time. Here, we have made a list of the most popular tourist places to see and things to do when visiting the city.

  1. Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Qalandar

Sheikh Sharfuddin Bu Ali Kalanda Panipat is a Sufi saint in India. His tomb located in Panipat city is a religious pilgrimage place, and it is practically the most visited site by tourists. This tomb is more than 700 years old, and it symbolizes harmony, faith, and integrity. In its vicinity there are two other tombs, the tomb of Hakim Mukaram Khan and Maulana Altaf Hussain Ali. No matter the religion, every Thursday, people pray at this place. It is a popular place and many festivals and events are held at this tomb, and hundreds of tourist come to enjoy the performances by popular traditional singers.

  1. Panipat Museum

This museum was built by the Haryana Government as a memorial of the famous Battle of Panipat, which is an important historical event for the Indian civilization. The objective of the museum is to provide historical information, art, archeology, and crafts. There are sculptures, weapons, arms, antiquities, manuscripts, jewelry, documents, and much more. It is a symbol of valor and patriotism of the sons of the country, who lost their lives

  1. Devi Temple

Devi Temple was built in the 8th century by a Maratha ruler, showing proof of a typical Martha heritage in the Haryana region. This temple was dedicated to a goddess, popular among the local people, and there are ancient sculptures and its architectural style is religious, typical of India.

  1. The Kala Amb Park

Kala Amb Park was built in honor of all Martha’s soldiers who have fought in the 3d battle of Panipat, with Ahmed Shah Abdali. The exact spot when the battle happened was located by a mango tree, which produced black mangoes. The people believed that this black color came from the soil mixed with the soldiers’ blood. Currently, this mango tree does not exist. The pedestal is made of bricks, and there is written a brief description of the battle, in both languages Urdu and English.

  1. Solar Gunj Gate

The name of the gate says it clear. It was built in Salar Jung’s honor, who was the prime minister of Hyderbad, who followed the steps of the British government in India. He was designated as Sir, and later he got the title of Sala Jung. This gate was built by his friends and admirers in his memory. Its located is in the middle of the Panipat city.

  1. Kabuli Bagh Mosque

This mosque was first built to celebrate the victory of Babur over Ibrahim Lodhi that happened in the 1st battle of Panipat, and the garden that surrounds the mosque was called Mussammat Kabuli Begum after Babur’s wife. It is good to know that this entire memorial includes the mosque, the garden, and a tank, and they are still existing in perfect shape. The memorial is only two km away from Panipat city.

  1. Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi

Ibraham Lodhi is famous because he has fought in the 1st battle of Panipat with Babur, by whom he was defeated and killed. This battle was among the earliest ones where firearms were used. It is known that the army of Lodhi was around a million soldiers, while Babur had only 15.000 men, but still, the good military strategy was the one that brought him the victory. In the battlefield Lodhi was the one who died, and his followers abandoned him. He was buried in Panipat, and his tomb still exists. On his grave was written a short inscription in Urdu by the British government.