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Facts about the City


The city has a very strong connection with India’s royal history. There are three historic battles that made important changes of the Indian history. This city is home to a large number of monuments of amazing cultural and historic interests, and they all are definitely the most attractive thing to visit those who are interested in the Panipat history or the Panipat war.

Except for being popular because of its history, Panipat is also being called as the city of weaver, and it is known for its handloom products, like bed covers and sheets, towels, carpets, mats and curtains, which are in demand not only in India, but also abroad.


Panipat is a popular tourist destination in the region of Haryana, and if you don’t know where is Panipat city, we are here to help you find its location. It is located about 170 km from Chandigarh, and about 100km away from the capital city. In fact, it is easy to reach, because it is well connected to all other cities in the country by road, rail, and even by air. Many tourists who visit this place like to spend some time enjoying at a bar or having fun at some local casino. However, sometimes it gets late for going to a land-based casino, so they choose the mobile version to play mobile casino games in their hotel room. If you are willing to try playing mobile casino games on your next trip to Panipat, then visit gamerscrunch.com and have fun on the go.


The city characterizes with three different seasons, like summer, winter and monsoon, experiencing tropical climate. Summers here are extremely hot, and on the other hand, winters are very cold. The best period to visit the city is definitely winter, when the weather is amazingly pleasant, and it is the perfect place in the country for having a picnic.

Restaurants and Places to Stay

Hotels here are always full, because there are too many business people that are visiting Panipat, due to all business and social events that take place in the city. That’s why we recommend you to always book you hotel in advance if you want to have a pleasant stay. When it comes to places to eat, there are hundreds of restaurants that will fulfil your hunger. Just like any other city you are visiting for the first time, in Panipat you should taste some traditional food.

Entertainment and Night Life

When it comes to entertainment or night life, Panipat has much to offer. You can always go to the multiplex cinemas with your friends or family, and watch the latest movies on a big screen. However, the ones who like to enjoy the evenings, there are many clubs, restaurants, and discos, that offer different music styles and entertainment. Another form of entertainment allowed in Panipat is online gambling. No matter where you are, on https://www.licensedonlinecasino.com/ you are going to find all legal online gambling environments around the world, and how to make money when traveling in foreign countries. These establishments are not just attractive to the tourists, but to locals as well. As being an industrial city, many people are visiting Panipat India, and if you want to always stay updated about the upcoming events happening here, you should definitely follow our Panipat website.